Welcome to our curated collection of the top 30 Muharram quotes. As we commemorate the sacred month of Muharram, join us in reflecting on the deep significance of this blessed time. Explore these powerful quotes that encapsulate the spirit of remembrance, sacrifice, and renewal that Muharram embodies. Let these meaningful words inspire and guide you on a path of introspection, empathy, and spiritual growth during this auspicious month


May this new year bring a lot of peace, prosperity,
and happiness to the world. May Allah protect us

Muharram is very significant to the Muslim people.
On this day, the Prophet’s son was killed in the desert of Karbala.
Many people consider Muharram as a happy day but many people observe it as a day of sorrow.

This day is celebrated in the Muslim world with due dignity every year.
On this day, many people send greetings and wishes to their loved ones.

We have written some good wishes on the occasion of Muharram.
You can wish your loved one a happy Arabic New Year from our collection.

Happy Arabic New Year. Hopefully
next year will be much nicer and better cut.

May Allah make your path easy.
I offer this prayer on this special day.
Happy New Year.

The coming days will be much more beautiful and lively.
Every dawn will begin anew to remove the filth of despair.
Receive Arabic New Year greetings dear.

I wish the blessings of Allah are always there to brighten every moment of your life….
May you find success and happiness under his guidance and love…. Happy Islamic New Year.

On the auspicious occasion of Islamic New Year¸
I pray for your success and prosperity….
May all your dreams come true with blessings of Allah…. Amen!!!!

Wishing a very Happy Hijri New Year to you….
May all your dreams come true and you touch new heights of success with blessings of Allah showered on you.

Let us welcome the new sun rising in our lives as it is going to bring new hopes,
new opportunities and new dreams along…. Wishing a very Happy Islamic New Year.

May the spirit of this festive occasion fill your heart with happiness and home with joy and peace….
Wishing you a very blessed and Happy Islamic New Year.

With the last sunset of the year,
I am sending my warm Islamic New Year greetings
to you and your dear ones to have an unforgettable year full of blessings of Allah.

You Alone We Worship and You Alone We Ask For Help,
For Each And Everything.
May Your Faith In Him Always Bring You Peace And Prosperity,
Have A Blessed Muharram!

May All The Praises And Thanks Be To Allah.
To Whom Belongs All That Is In Heavens & In The Earth.
Have A Blessed Muharram!

I cried an ocean of tears, but nobody cared.
I cried in sujood and Allah gave me saber.
Happy Muharram.

I Know U Always With Me,
I Know U Always Helped Me,
I Know U Always Protect Me,
I Know U Always Protect Me,
Thanks For All All U Are Doing For Me.

Let Us Believe In The Messenger Of Allah And Follow
The Light Which Has Been Sent Down With Him. Happy Muharram.

All People Are Great Person.
We Only Have To Look On Their Behavior Not On This
That Who Are They Or From Where They Belong,
This Muharram Remove Barriers & Celebrate Muharram Together.

Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of the people
until they change what is in themselves.

The best of those who fast are those who remember
Allah Azza Wa Jal the most in their fast

Get close to Allah before getting close to anyone else;
Allah without a man is still Allah but a man without Allah is nothing.

Allah is not punishing you. He is preparing for you.
Trust his plans, not your pain. Allah heard you just be patient.

On the occasion of Muharram,
let us thank Allah for all His blessings,
Let us praise Him for all his love and care,
Wishing a very blessed and beautiful Muharram.

Never get affected by other people’s words.
Have faith in yourself and your Allah.
Blessed Happy Muharram!

Muharram is the celebration of peace,
Sending warm greetings on Muharram to you and your loved ones.

As the Hijri New Year begins,
let us pray that it will be a year full of peace,
happiness and abundance of new friends.
May Allah bless you throughout the new ye


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